Is There A Blonditis Natural Remedy?

Natural Remedies For Blonditis…What Next?

Blonditis Natural Remedy
Natural Remedies For Blonditis

There are natural remedies for everything, but the other day I was asked by one of my family if there was one for blonditis! So I decided that maybe for all the blondes out there (myself included) we needed to find a remedy for all those so called ‘blonde moments’.

So what do we do when we have one of those moments where we wish we could just slip away unseen? Or when someone tells a joke and everyone starts laughing uncontrollably, while we are left standing there with a ‘what happened’ look on our face? These are the times when a natural remedy would sure come in handy.

  • It’s not like we can open our bag and apply a homeopathic remedy!

I actually ‘Googled’ blonditis remedies and to my amazement there were actual searches for it!

There are certainly remedies for blonde hair and ‘hair lightening’ but I can’t find any remedies for the term blonditis.

Anyone Know The Remedy?

Maybe the brunettes have the answer! Do you know of one? Is there an all elusive remedy or natural treatment for blonditis? Perhaps the answer is in a hair color…rub it in and instant success.

Anyway…I hope you enjoyed the little bit of silliness. I love all alternative medicines and natural remedies…silly or not :)

So do you have an answer?

Maybe you do! Share it with us in the comments below!


  1. Marie says

    I love it! My sister is blonde and she is such a ditz! Me on the other hand…well what can I say!? Brunettes have it!

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