About Jennifer

Hi everyone, I’m Jennifer Johnson. I started this website in May 2008 as I wanted to share natural health solutions and remedies. I have always been extremely interested in alternative medicines and therapies…and it is all I use for my own and my family’s health.

I do not have any diplomas in naturopathic medicine, or letters after my name and I won’t be making outlandish statements…especially if I do not agree with them!

Many of our family and friends are beginning to follow our natural ways as they can see how healthy we are! Perhaps we are living proof that the so called ‘quackery’ works. We have not been without injury or illness and I have certainly had my fair share of social anxiety issues, but we have thankfully healed ourselves by doing our own research.

My Family Matters

Many of my articles have been inspired from people asking me about a certain ‘dis-ease.’ For example one of our family members has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and IBS. She came to us, to help her find natural solutions to ease her daily pain and embarrassment. Did we cure her? No, but she has certainly found natural relief.

My sister’s son has autism and ADHD. That is why I have so many articles on ADD and ADHD, as I researched the subject intensively. I became horrified at the side effects of treatments made available to both children and adults. He is amazing and has achievements anyone would be proud of…and yes, he uses only natural therapies.

My History With Medicinal Health

Years ago I worked in a pharmacy, as I was always interested in medicinal health, which is how we chose our website name www.medicinesnaturally.com. I became disillusioned with what I saw and heard while working with traditional treatments.

Many times I felt a simple home remedy would have been the answer to a person’s problem, but instead prescription medicines would be prescribed only to have them return time and time again, because they didn’t ‘work.’ I wished I could have pointed them to a natural remedy, but knew that was not allowed.

Today I have come across research about how people have cured themselves of cancer and other diseases. It disturbs me that many ‘natural treatments’ are squashed or treated as though the facts are false. I am not going to say it is all because of money and business (did I say that?) because I am not qualified to make that claim.

Plus, I am a little fish in a big ocean…I do not have the power to make such statements. Neither am I going to write about topics that could upset the big guys…as some of the other natural news websites have done.

So now you know a little bit about me. I also have a disclaimer and disclosure where you can read about any advertising I have placed on my site to help pay for my research.

I hope you enjoy visiting my website and look forward to getting to know you!

Again, I am not qualified as far as university standards are concerned, but I practice what I preach! I am interested in natural remedies and herbal medicines for complete health and wellness.

I also have a few guest writers from time to time and welcome any professional advice…if you are willing to share.

Jennifer Johnson