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Relieve Asthma Attacks and Increase Lung Capacity

If you suffer with breathing problems, especially asthma attacks, finding ways to relieve asthma attacks is paramount! Having a healthy size lung capacity is necessary in providing your body with more oxygen and an increase in oxygen is so important for many reasons, and not just for relieving asthma attacks naturally. Recently I read that cancer cells can't survive in the body if the cells are well-oxygenated and the writer went on to … Click to continue →

How To Stop Child Night Terrors

Sleep Device Used To Overcome Child Night Terrors If your child suffers with night terrors, it is not only your child that is suffering! Having to watch their disturbed sleep and feeling powerless to help them is just as upsetting for you as their parent. Firstly, how do you know if your child is suffering with nightmares or night terrors? What's the difference? Nightmares or Night Terrors The difference is a child can be woken up … Click to continue →

Garlic Health Benefits – Nature’s Little Miracle

Garlic is nature's little miracle. It is so versatile and has many health benefits. I love garlic for so many reasons, although I know that many people find the smell offensive and therefore don't want to add garlic to their diet...but there are so many health benefits and the benefits certainly outweigh the price of any odor. If you are concerned about the consequences, you can minimize bad breath by sucking on a lemon wedge or chewing on … Click to continue →

Natural Remedies for High Cholesterol

Can you lower your cholesterol naturally? Yes! I have and so have thousands of others! Statin medications are not your only choice! If you are looking for ways to lower cholesterol naturally and serious about your heart health you will be pleased to know that there are many effective options available to you. Diet and exercise are the main natural ways for lowering high cholesterol levels. However, did you know not all cholesterol is … Click to continue →

Pure Essential Oils For Aromatherapy

Essential Oils Soothe, Relax and Provide Healing There are many different types of pure essential oils for aromatherapy used today and they offer wonderful healing benefits. Therefore it helps to know what oil will work best for your situation. Organic essential oils are extracted from the natural source (concentrated) such as from, the stem, leaves, flowers, roots or the plant's berries. These oils offer therapeutic benefits, flavor and … Click to continue →

Natural Remedies for Blood Sugar Control

Natural Steps To Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels If you’ve been told you have high blood sugar levels you may be looking for ways to lower blood sugar levels naturally. Any treatment, natural or otherwise, depends on many factors, so please don't self-diagnose. Why Is It Important To Lower Blood Sugar? Though blood sugar levels are not as high as full diabetes, it is just as important to control. Without control, the next step is a full on … Click to continue →