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What Are The Health Benefits of Eating A Raw Food Diet?

Raw Food Diet Health Benefits

What Is A Raw Food Diet? What Should You Eat? There are so many diets advocating that they are healthy and a raw food diet certainly fits into this category. There are different variations of this diet but the common feature is eating food in its natural state. So that means it should be uncooked, […]

What Is Ebola? Watch This Presentation!


If you have heard about Ebola but not sure what it really is all about, this slideshow may help you understand more. The question also arises are there natural remedies for Ebola? So far there has been no successful remedy for treating Ebola, however if I hear of one I am sure you will too! […]

Hot and Cold Yoga – What Is The Difference?

Hot and Cold Yoga

Can You Handle The Heat? Yoga is an excellent form of exercise and also a great way to relax your mind with its meditation exercises. Have you heard of hot yoga or cold yoga? There are many forms, styles and intensities. The stretching exercises combined with controlled breathing and relaxation will help you establish a […]

Natural Menopause Treatments For Finding Relief


Natural Remedies For Menopausal Symptoms Menopause defines a new stage in every woman’s life and it isn’t always a pleasant one! Hot flashes, moodiness, tears and frustration are but a few of these annoying experiences. This stage marks the end of youth for many…but it should not be looked at like that. It is a […]

Natural Remedies for High Cholesterol


Can You Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally? Yes! Statin medications are not your only choice! If you are looking for ways to lower cholesterol naturally and serious about your heart health you will be pleased to know that there are many effective options available to you. Diet and exercise are some of the main natural remedies […]

Lavender Oil Health Benefits

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil For Treating Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia and More Lavender oil is more than just an aromatic essential oil. It is also known to be very effective in various medicinal applications or aromatherapy.¬† Lavender oil is often added to water either for washing or for use as an inhalant. However, there are many health benefits […]

Are There Natural Fibromyalgia Home Remedies?

Fibromyalgia Natural Remedies

Fibromyalgia Relief and Home Remedies Fibromyalgia is a syndrome (fibromyalgia syndrome, or FMS). Pain is the most distinguishing characteristic of fibromyalgia and relief is what is needed, preferably with natural home remedies…and sooner rather than later. Ned Radke – Author and Research Pioneer for Natural Fibromyalgia Home Remedies says, I came across medically proven home […]

Body Detoxification and A Few Guidelines

Body Detoxification Tips

Tips To Help You Start Cleansing Body detoxification has become very common today as people want to improve their health and use detox diets to lose weight. We’ve got easy fast-food and a plethora of processed foods to choose from these days, all loaded with preservatives. Our overall awareness on healthy eating habits particularly was […]

Are There Herbal Supplements for Treating Insomnia?

Valerian Root For Insomnia

Herbal Remedies For Getting Better Sleep Most people who suffer from insomnia assume they have to take sleeping pills to help them get a good night’s rest. Although these pills are very popular and quite effective, they may also cause serious side effects that can only become apparent after some time. They may also cause […]

Can Yacon Syrup Help You Lose Weight?


Yacon Syrup – The Latest Natural Weight Loss Craze It appears that there is always some new, latest and greatest, natural weight loss supplement, diet or pill that some famous person has suddenly made popular. I am always skeptical of the latest weight loss supplement or diet fad, because there is usually a reason behind […]